About me
Hi there! I'm Erna de Vries, I'm an enthusiastic and geeky artist from the Netherlands. I am a 24-year-old Illustrated and Animated Storytelling Student at the St. Joost School of Arts in Breda! I am currently in my third year. Before this I graduated Game Art at SintLucas in Eindhoven. Some of my hobbies include drawing, reading, gaming, and being outside with or without DSLR.

I enjoy games and story's, and love to get inspirations. But also (medieval) fantasy, nature and weird or dead things are something I love to research and get inspired by. I like to work in different methods, both analogue and digital. But I also enjoy sculpture work.
As of late I started working with 3D programs. And I like to sculpt in them.
My skill set is still growing and I like to learn new things to create more and better work.
Some of my skills include:
Premiere pro
After Effects
Clip Studio Paint
Bachlor St. Joost School of Art & Design,
Illustrated &animated storytelling, Breda (2019-present)

MBO-4 Sintlucas,
VMT-Game Art, Eindhoven (2015-2019)

VMBO Sintlucas, Eindhoven (2013-2015)
Internship Protoplay
Minor gamification, Fontys Eindhoven
Sep. 2017 – jan. 2018

Internship Atelier Vrijdag,
Design studio, Veldhoven
jan. 2019 - june 2019

Minor Prototyping The Future,
Avans Hogeschool, Breda
sep. 2021 - jan. 2022
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